Jul 31, 2013

Goodbye To Our Little Miss Molly Meatpig

Our Mollycat was so full of grace and grit that her illnesses only manifested at the 11th hour. Doug and I held her, as the vet put her to sleep. We're so glad the scary, painful part was brief, and that she knew we loved her fiercely until her final breath.
The Seattle Animal Shelter rescued Molly from West Seattle in 2005. She lucked into a no-kill facility, which nursed her back from a major illness. She steadied down our wacky tabby, Jake, and got over her abused past enough to roll on her back for tummy rubs. She loved canned meat, killing birds and mice, and lounging in Doug's lap, even when he was trying to stand up. At a top weight of 7lbs, she ruled both neighborhoods we lived in, yet brought nothing but love, sweetness, good humor and some wicked smarts into our home. You'll be missed, sweet pea. Always.

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